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27 Jul 2016
Need ER Modeling for Below Requirement

You want to design a database to manage information on the collection of various types of taxes (stamp duty, real estate, automotive patent, gross income) by a state agency. Taxpayers are some entities that are taxed and may be individuals or companies.


Individuals are people who are identified by their document number, the full name, date of birth, home address, email and contact numbers (landline, mobile, fax, etc.).

Companies are identified by CUIT number (an unique identifier), date of commencement of its activities, website, email and telephones (landline, mobile, fax, etc.).


A company must always have at least one owner, but may also have more than one. A person may own more than one company. A person may own a business and be registered simultaneously as physical person.


Taxpayers pay their tax in collection agencies. Agency offices are identified by number, address, telephone numbers, the person in charge of running the office, and number of employees. The tax payments are identified by the collection agency, tax payer, amount, payment date, tax type.


No two payments for the same taxpayer and the same tax type in the same collection agency on the same date may occur.


As a solution, please prepare the following:

1) Entity Relationship Model (ERM) diagram, including:

a. A description of the entities and their attributes.

b. Relationships

2) A database which implements the ERM.

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