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ysrinu 44 posts Joined 04/07
13 Nov 2008
Multiple outer joins

Hi,i have to convert an oracle sql into teradata that has multiple left outer joinsIn oracleselect .... from a,b, teradata i am able to do one left outer join as:select ... from a left outer join bon can i do multiple joins?Thanks,-srinivas yelamanchili

nagarjunmarri 1 post Joined 11/08
13 Nov 2008

Hi Srini,U can use like the following.Sel ... from A LEFT OUTER JOINBON = B.idLEFT OUTER JOINcON = C.idHope this could hep U...Cheers.,Nagarjun Marri

ChrisTansey 12 posts Joined 11/08
17 Nov 2008

And Beware of left Joins that are not left joins..Please see a few slides from TeraTeamUK's "SQL Performance Course". One of the many topics is something we come accross regularly, where developers code left joins but in fact get an inner join.See the attached word doc.

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