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Bourmatnov 1 post Joined 06/15
08 Feb 2016
Multiple Evaluation versions of TD

It appears there are two evaluation versions of Teradata:
Teradata Virtual Machine Community Edition. Virtual-Machine-Edition/? LangType=1033&LangSelect=true
Teradata express for VMware Player LangType=1033&LangSelect=true
Could someone clarify which is  best for evaluation purposes?  I will be testing Teradata with Oracle Golden Gate to load the DB, so ETL integration is my use case but I am interetested in hearing the pros and cons of each version. (Both seem to require VMWare preinstalled if I read correctly)

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
09 Feb 2016

The main difference is the VMWare software, you need a full vSphere ESXI for TVME and just Player/Fusion for TDE.
Additionally TVME allows more AMPs (RAM/disks) while TDE is 2 AMPs only, thus performance might be different.
If you don't have a VMWare Server in your company there's no choice...
TD15.10 is currently only available as TDE.


22 Feb 2016

To deploy community edition virtual machine you need to set up VMWare environment.
If you do not have a VM Ware environment, then you can use Teradata express for VM player.
Download and install VM player from VMWare website and then from vm player open the teradata express virtual machine.

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