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RGlass 35 posts Joined 09/04
10 Jan 2006
Multiload (out of Range error)

Hello all,Is there a good way to handle invalid data when using multiloadie :-( ......)coming in on an MVS flat file.some records return 'out of range error' on one particular field,and others have data.or is the best solution to have the file fixed?thanks, Tbob

dhirajpalse 36 posts Joined 01/08
17 Mar 2008

AFAIK its a business decision which you and your client both have to take, to make sure data is getting loaded in EDW properly. what i mean to say is , for some fields you are getting out of range error. this kind of errors occur when in TD table column has length say decimal(10,2) and you are trying to insert data of length decimal (11,2). In source you may have provision to accomodate such data but not in Teradata. As per my knowledge this is a mapping issue where we map the source field with TD tables.


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