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bobby1689 2 posts Joined 09/14
25 Sep 2014
Moving Data between different DBC's

Is it possible to move data from between different DBC's on teradata ?

I have a database 'A', which contains a table 'B' on DBC "C"

Can i  move the table 'B' in to DBC "D" ??

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
25 Sep 2014

You could certainly SHOW the DDL on C and create an empty table on D, then use any number of tools or methods to export the data from one system and load it onto the other. The Teradata Parallel Transporter User Guide has some examples for this.
If the Target system is at the same or higher database software version, you may be able to back up (ARCHIVE) from C and COPY to D.
Teradata also has a "Data Mover" product that can be helpful if this is an ongoing large volume need.

bobby1689 2 posts Joined 09/14
25 Sep 2014

Hey Fred, Thanks for your post 

Could you refer me to a post/blog where i could get an example or a syntax for the movement.

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