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mfarid 1 post Joined 03/08
13 Jun 2008
Moving data between 2 servers in Teradata

I would like to move data between 2 servers and databases in Teradata. Let's say, I have server svrABC_123 and database dbXyz and table tblPqr. I have another server svrDEF_456 which has database dbKlm which has table tblMno. I would like to move data from: svrABC_123.dbXyz.tblPqr TO svrDEF_456.dbKlm.tblMnoHow do I do it? Thanks.

joedsilva 505 posts Joined 07/05
13 Jun 2008

you have to either archive and copy. Or fastexport/fastload

Bharath 7 posts Joined 06/08
17 Jun 2008

If your table is smaill you can even do a bteq export/import

rluebke 65 posts Joined 11/05
10 Jul 2008

Atanasoft has some interesting tools do do that very thing. R

dhirajpalse 36 posts Joined 01/08
11 Jul 2008

We can make use of TPT in this case if at all installed.Then we dont need to create an intermediate physical file like in FastExport or Bteq Export.


tanova535 7 posts Joined 01/06
11 Jul 2008

depending on volume and network you could also use OLE-load.

syed_td 9 posts Joined 07/08
11 Jul 2008

We always use TPT (previoulsly known as TWB) to move data between databases.

jk186010 1 post Joined 08/11
17 Aug 2012

In TD Administrator by left side is icon Copy objects. You will connect from same TDA the other DB, create same db there and copy objects. Sometime helpfull for creating copy of objects. But this objects are created empty and after that can be filled easily with OLELoad - hepfull that you don't need manualy create basic objects as tables.

dins2k2 51 posts Joined 05/13
21 Oct 2013

Thanks jk186010, it worked.
Can I do the same through SQL Assistant or BTEQ?

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