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kartaj 10 posts Joined 10/15
22 Apr 2016
Move data from one Teradata DB(Prod Server)to another Teradata DB (dev Server)

Hi Team,

i have a requirement, that i need to move data from one teradata DB to another Teradata DB, Difficutly is I need to move around 40 tables daily, is there any process that it can be done automatically, so that it can reduce manual effort.


Can we move data of multiple tables  at a time.... for example in datamover.. we will be giving a single table ... can we have any chance to give 40 tables to move data from source to target


Prod database          dev database

a.table -------------->  a.table

b.table --------------> b.table

c.table --------------> c.table

so on... (for 40 table

SmarakDas 51 posts Joined 02/12
07 Aug 2016

Hello Kartaj,
DM can moves 40 tables in a single DM Job {It can move multiple databases in 01 Job as well}. You just need to create the DM Job once & run it as per your requirement. Depending on your use-case, you can use ARC or TPT API. These details are available @ DataMover User Guide from Teradata Info website.
Thanks, Smarak

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