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13 Mar 2012
Mload - how many AWTs?



We notice in Viewpoint that our Mload jobs are assigned session IDs for each thread, but only 1 of the sessions has a workload associated with it.   Does that mean that the entire Mload (multi-threaded) is only using 1 AWT?

Thanks for the insight.


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30 Mar 2012


You are right that only one session has workload against it (DBC/SQL session), the rest of the sessions are MLOAD sessions that dont have any workload assigned to them.

Any MLOAD job will use 2 AWTs per AMP during the Acquisition phase and 1 AWT per AMP during the apply phase. AWT consumption is dependant on the number of AMPs.




abhijitvyas 51 posts Joined 08/06
30 Mar 2012

Only control sessions will show up as workload assigned for utilities. data sessions won't be.

 MultiLoad AWT's

 - Acquisition Phase (and before): 2 AWT's
- Application Phase (and after): 1 AWT's

Those are per Amps and its not dependant on number of AMPs. Maxawt is controlled by DBS Control internal Parameter and 13.10 onward you have option to increase Worknew as well








    alvie 32 posts Joined 03/12
    02 Apr 2012

    Yes you are right. I did not mean that how many AWTs 'an Mload job' uses depends on the number of AMPs. It was just that the total number of AWTs across all AMPs used by an Mload job depends on the # of AMPs.

    Since usage of AWTs is really an AMP level concept, my original comment probably did not make much sense :)

    alvie 32 posts Joined 03/12
    02 Apr 2012

    On another note though, Max AWT has nothing to do with how many AWTs Mload uses.

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