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17 Aug 2013
Migrating From Oracle To Teradata Help With DDL Generation

Hi All,
As part of my current project there is a need to migrate a number of tables from Oracle to Teradata, i would like to know if there is some sort of an automated way
using which once could create the equivalent Teradata DDLs much faster than doing it one by one manually.
Looking forward for your responses

Sun_shine_jgd 39 posts Joined 07/13
18 Aug 2013

There is  a teradata tool called TMA(teradata migration accelerator) which i hope can do the DDl convertion.

21 Aug 2013

Thanks Aravind
The client is not willing to add another client tool that leaves us just with oracle,infa and TD (database)
Is there any other way or logic which we can follow ?

Adeel Chaudhry 773 posts Joined 04/08
22 Aug 2013

If not willing to use any other software .... no other option. You must do data-type conversion and index changes manually.

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tariqrahiman 1 post Joined 08/13
22 Aug 2013

You can use AquaFold Inc. IDE Aqua Data Studio's ER Diagram Generator to generate your Oracle ER Model. Then use the Convert Model Feature which will map your Oracle Table DDL to Teradata DDL.

22 Aug 2013

Hi ,
Thanks Adeel

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
23 Aug 2013

Hi Saravanan,
From my work experience of 6 years in Oracle and 7 years in Teradata, I feel that you can do it manually since client is constraining  you from tool overhead. In addition, doing it manually it is safer. Oracle data type declaration is a bit different and of course you see the Teradata data type declaration is different( Latin,,,,,unicode specific.....blah blah). Understand the functionality and consequence of implementation is important.
As far as I know TD 14.10 supports Number and array data type if need be. RAW, LONG RAW,CLOB,BLOB,BFILE and UDT you need to take care with caution and verify.

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