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skant 1 post Joined 08/13
09 Sep 2013
Migrate All the Tables of SQL Server DataBase to TeraData in one go

I am working on a project which is intended to migrate our SQL Server DataBases to TeraData. We are using TD 13.10.
1. I have tried OleLoad. But using this we can only export one table at a time.
2. I have used EFS Tools. But data Conversion is wrong.
3. For using MultiLoad we have to write the script for all the table separately.
My requirement is that I will give the source database(from sql server) and then target as TeraData. Now it should happen that all the tables from the
source database should be migrated(With Schema if Table Doesn't exist) with data(if there), to the TeraData.
Kindly Provide solution for this.
Thank you in Advance :)

Shashi kant Associate Technology L1 Sapient Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
anujh 22 posts Joined 05/11
23 Sep 2013

You can uses SSIS and Teradata connector to load data .. ou might have to do some transformation to support data types

M.Saeed Khurram 544 posts Joined 09/12
23 Sep 2013

I think you can write a procedure that will generate all the Teradata equalent DDL's for all the tables in SQL Server. Once the DDL's are deployed then you can copy data using the following options:

  1. Export data from SQL Server using BCP utility
  2. Import data to Teradata using TPT Tdload command.


  1. Use SSIS along with attutnity operators for Teradata.



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