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yiannish 13 posts Joined 06/14
30 Oct 2014
Memory usage on Teradata SLES linux server

First of all i am new to Teradata.
My question is related to the 'normal' memory consumbsion on a small TD server such as mine. 
The sever in question is a 2 node machine(TD v.14.10) with 48 amps, 2 Parsing Engines and 96gb of RAM. 
I run the top command from the command line and i notice that i have only about 600MB left of RAM memory. 
Most of the memory is allocated to processes with the name pdevproc and actmain(i believe this are AMP processes).
Each instance of these processes is allocated 2.9GB of RAM.
Is that normal and if not what should be done to lower the memory allocated.

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