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05 May 2013
Measure CPU Consumption of Utility Jobs

Is there any way to measure the total AMPCPUTIME consumed by any MLOAD/FLOAD/FEXP job post completion? The values from the dbql(sum of ampcputime for a particular LSN number) does not seem right.
I also tried dbc.acctg. There too, the values seem low.
I loaded a billion records into an empty table using fload and the sum(ampcputime) reported by dbql tables was 10 and the sum(CPU) from dbc.acctg was around 500. Both these values seem very very low(considering the fact that the job ran for about 3 hours with 0 delay. I ran the job during a time window where nothing was running on the teradata box. so no chance of slot contention)
I can understand dbql tables reporting the low number of 10(because it only measures CPU of sql's executed by the sessions in the SQL partition). But I'm not sure why dbc.acctg would just report a value of 500 for a job that ran for 3 hours.
fyi....all the sessions have the account string with options &S&D&H. We are on 13.10, have 12 nodes.

suhailmemon84 47 posts Joined 09/10
06 May 2013


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