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14 Feb 2014
Macro Execution- Retreive 0 results

 In the script when i give the below where clause

,NULLIFZERO(:col2)) or (col1 in(NULL,'xyz));

when i pass the parameter to the macro in different scenarios:
(i) exec sam('')-- It shows all the values including NULL and XYZ
(ii) exec sam('xyz')-- It shows only values having XYZ
(iii) exec sam('A')-- It shows only values having XYZ. Which i do not want in my output. I expect the output as 0 results.
Please me with some logic to get 0 results. with the above given where clause

Adeel Chaudhry 773 posts Joined 04/08
14 Feb 2014

Can you share the sample data values and required output?

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