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Padmini-2242 2 posts Joined 01/06
05 Jan 2006
Login to Teradat SQL assistant

I am new to Teradata and I am trying to connect to sql assistant. I got the ODBC set up but when I try to login it gives an error message "160 specified driver could not be loaded system error 126. ThanksPR

vkumarpsg_ece 1 post Joined 12/04
08 Jan 2006

Hi Padmini,Could you please reinstall your driver and try again?Let us know your feedback..thanks,Kumar V

Padmini-2242 2 posts Joined 01/06
09 Jan 2006

Thanks Kumar I re installed and it worked. When I logged out and came back in today it is giving me the same error message. Padmini

hh 21 posts Joined 06/04
24 Jan 2006

I suspect the pc you are working with somehow changing/reverting the settings/drivers that you have just installed.

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