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Shiro 7 posts Joined 10/15
09 Oct 2015
LOG file for Stored Procedure in Teradata.

Hi ,

I am using a Stored procedure in teradata , in which multiple updates are written. I want to generate log file for Stored Procedure. so that i can come to know how many rows are getting updated by each update statement.

is there any why to implement this. 

ToddAWalter 316 posts Joined 10/11
09 Oct 2015

Define your log as a table and do SQL INSERTs of whatever data you want into your log table.

Shiro 7 posts Joined 10/15
12 Oct 2015

how to insert how many rows updated by an Update statement ?  is there any query that tells how many rows upadated by a perticular update statement? 

stevebarry 8 posts Joined 08/11
12 Oct 2015

Hi Lata,
There is a status variable ACTIVITY_COUNT that stores the number of rows impacted by the previous DML statement in the procedure.

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