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sharib hussain 12 posts Joined 01/13
27 Mar 2015
Locking Table for Share

Can anyone tell me something about locking modifier "LOCKING ROW/TABLE/DATABASE FOR SHARE".  Is it same as READ lock??

locking table student.employee for share

select * from student.employee;


  1) First, we lock a distinct student."pseudo table" for read on a

     RowHash to prevent global deadlock for student.employee. 

  2) Next, we lock student.employee for read.

Thanks & Regards, Sharib Hussain
Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
28 Mar 2015

Yes, SHARE is a (deprecated) synonym for READ.

sharib hussain 12 posts Joined 01/13
28 Mar 2015

Thanks Fred :)

Thanks & Regards,
Sharib Hussain

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