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01 Mar 2006
Loading 50 million rows.

We are planning to load 50 million rows (assuming it is a average size row) into a teradata table. The data is currently available on DVD's (roughly 15 of them). Do you guys know of any precautions to be taken while loading data of this magnitude. We are planning to use Fastload. (Any suggestions)I remember we have a 2GB data file size limit while using the teradata load utilities is this still valid?Can we read the data directly from the DVD? did anyone try this? (i dont think we will but just asking)I'd appreciate if some one can give suggestions/comments that will help in building this process.This will be monthly process.Thanks

TDUser-781 35 posts Joined 12/04
02 Mar 2006

Hi,if your target table is empty, FLD is the fastest way to load data.As regards the 2GB size limit, what TD version are you running?In v2r4.x you have to call a dll (previously installed on your machine) named lf_axsmod.dll .I think in v2r5.x large files are supported without calling any dll.As regards reading one file from a dvd, I really don't know but I think there wouldn't be any problems...Hope this helps,bye,TDUser

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