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sndpsuman7 1 post Joined 06/15
25 Jun 2015
Link for Teradata Database for Windows XP

Hi Team,
I am new learner for Teradata, Could anyone please help me with the URL for Teradata database for Windows XP 32 bit.
My base machine is Ubuntu and I have installed windows xp 32 bit on virtual box for Teradata.

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
27 Jun 2015

There's no Teradata for XP, it's only running on SUSE Linux.
But there's Teradata Express, a fully featured VM, it's for VMWare, but you should be able to run it on Virtual Box, too.


yrik 1 post Joined 03/12
17 Oct 2015

hi there, I was looking for answers to why it doesn't work on MAC's version of Virtual Box. Version 5.0.2. It doesn't boot up. There must be something that needs to be adjusted in settings, but I can't find any information on what that could be.
Anyone figured this one out? Any clues as to what to try?

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