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14 Nov 2010
Large Table Multi Loads Improve performance using MLPPI ?

Hi All, I have a performance tuning problem related to loading ~ 25 million records / day over 8 different source systems. Multi Loading to base PPI table consumes the majority of resources on this warehouse..the majority of resources appear to be on index updates, there are about 10 secondary indexes on table which contains data for 6 months and is 2.7TB in size. The data consists of CDR's and is Primary Indexed on Calling_Number, Call_Date and Call_Time, Primary Partition Call_Date by day.

I recently came across Marcio Moura's article on benefits of using MLPPI, one of which is that inserting data into empty partitons eliminates Transient Journals. The article suggests (to me) that changing base table to use MLPPI partitioned on Date and Source System ID so that loads go into empty partitions, the main benefit being that no Transient Journals are generated when inserting into empty partitions. Does this apply when Inserting via Multiload, as I have been informed by DBA that Multiload does not generate any transient journals ?

Thanks Martin

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