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jhaamresh 3 posts Joined 07/12
28 Apr 2014
Issues with Teradata Parallel Transporter(TPT) with Informatica

We are using Teradata Parallel transporter (TPT) loaders as both source and target connection.
     Source     - TPT Export
     Target      - TPT Load
Using that performance has improved significantly compared to relational connection.
1) But we are facing issue like Data Corruption.
Lets consider source table has some character column. Consider below example
Column1 - char(4)
Target table has same defination as of Source table. But after processing data using TPT the data gets appended with some extra characters.
Column1 - char(4)
And this result is random not all mappings/columns gets same issue. Also not all data value gets this issue. Only few records.
We are unable to come to any undestanding regarding this. Please help.
2) Also explicit casting is required for all case statement and for decimal columns having precision high as decimal (18,0). Why is that so?
-Amresh Jha

Adeel Chaudhry 773 posts Joined 04/08
29 Apr 2014

It can be due to UTF encoding issue .... can you check if source-TPT-target is configured to use same encoding?

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22 May 2014

For 1) I have faced this issue, to resolve, use Ltrim(rtrim(port)), right before loading it into the target. I tried several other options, but this one fixed/resolved my problem.
For 2) can you please clarify if you are using the decimal(18,0) inside the Soruce qualifier?
Prabhakar. T

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