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Tim_Manns 1 post Joined 03/15
23 Mar 2015
Is there a way to make column aliases or titles longer? - ideally 256 characters.

I'm migrating data from an analytics platform (in this case SAS) exporting the datasets into Teradata tables that I create.
I can successfully create column names and column titles, but the source column/variable titles are longer than 60 characters (it seems the limit in Teradata is 60 characters).  I have to truncate the column titles before creating the table in Teradata to avoid error.  I've done this succesffuly, but I don't want to :)  I want the full column description in the column title.

Any way I can attach column descriptions (titles, aliases etc) to a column that can be much longer, say 256 characters?

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
24 Mar 2015

Hi Tim,
hopefully you never have to key in your column names :-) 
Seems you run on a version before TD14.10 which only supports only 30 characters for column names and 60 for titles.
TD14.10 adds extended object names up to 128 chars and 256 for titles.
 Only COMMENTs can be up to 256 chars, but then you still need to shorten the actual name...


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