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barani_sachin 141 posts Joined 01/12
18 Feb 2013
Is it possible to invoke the Utilities inside a SP?

Inside a Stored Procedure i need to read the values from a flat file and load that into a table and do some operations in that. Likewise i also need to do some transformations in some tables and write the output into a flat file. How can i achieve this functionality inside a SP?
Thanks in advance :)

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
18 Feb 2013

I don't think you can do that in a SQL SP.
But an External SP written in C should be able to achieve that.


barani_sachin 141 posts Joined 01/12
19 Feb 2013

Thanks Dieter :) Is it possible to achieve those functionality  using UDF's??

piyush.upadhyay 1 post Joined 12/14
29 Dec 2014

Just get my self clarified.
I need to import file from a analytical tool called Spotfire(version5.5) to a table in Teradata.
I am new bee here.
I want to use stored procedure to do so.
In that sense, Data will be taken from Spotfire server (called Spotfire library) and dumped into the teradata using Information link.
Sorry if the above information is confusing. My intended query was, whether is it possible to import flat file to Terdata using Stored Procedure.
Thanks in advance!

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