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phil1212 5 posts Joined 11/05
29 Nov 2005
Is it normal ?

INCREDIBLE ...the context :the batch jobs insert/update datas with transaction:begin transactionlock table tutu for write ;insert ..update ......end transactionWe have view with lock row for access so anyone can see data even if they are updating or inserting.During transaction (as by default we are in teradata mode (not ANSI)) all datas can be read by end users throught reporting.I was sure it was working like in ANSI mode (nobody can see the changes until commit). Unbelievable for a datawarehouse (data intergrity, where are you ?)I'm wondering if it's not better not to have view with row lock for access, so all end users will be locked, and wait data will be safe...Worstdone the same thing in bteq, but begining by .SET SESSION TRANSACTION ANSI ;same result, anyone can see my updates, insert ...This is ABSOLUTLY NOT ANSI standard.

sfyeu1 5 posts Joined 08/06
20 Sep 2006

Sorry, but I don't quite get it.If I want "read commited" in teradata, should I set the transaction mode to ANSI, as you pointed in previous post that teradata also support ANSI (Do i mis-read?)Many thanks.

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
21 Sep 2006

- There are two session modes within Teradata RDBMS: ANSI session and Teradata session- There are lots of minor differences between those session modes (e.g. autocommit/case sensitivity,...)- But regardless of session mode the Teradata RDBMS only supports Read Uncommited & SerializableDieter


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