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rgans_99 11 posts Joined 02/05
26 Nov 2005

Hi,I want to insert the records from an existing table to new tables.I would like to know the time taken when I use Insert-Select stmt.But I could not estimate this using EXPLAIN.Is there a way out to calculate the time while running the Query?Q:Say for example I have the tables A,B and C.Table A :500000 rowsTable B :200000 rowsTable C:No Data.I would like to insert the records from A-->B and A-->CWhich operation is faster and Why?Thanks,

MNagat 7 posts Joined 03/06
26 Apr 2006

Hi all,I have witnessed a strange behaviour today after running an insert-select. Even though the select statement returns aproximately 50K rows, none was inserted and SQL Assistant completed it without any errors. Anyone have any idea of how that could happen?Thanks.

BBR2 96 posts Joined 12/04
26 Apr 2006

If you are inserting into a set table all duplicates will be discarded.I assume this is what might have happened.Vinay

MNagat 7 posts Joined 03/06
27 Apr 2006

You are correct! Thanks very much.Shouldn't TD return an error message like "Insert failed due to dup row on set table"?

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