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indra91 16 posts Joined 06/16
24 Aug 2016
Insert records in bulk into a Teradata Table

I have to insert some 50 million rows into a teradata table.The insert data will be generated by shell script.I know we can import data from a file using the IMPORT data option in the sql assisstant.But I would like to know whether this approach will work for 50 million records considering the size of the input file will be huge or we have to implement this using any other utility?Any suggestions are welcome.
Indranil Roy

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
24 Aug 2016

No, SQL Assistant, everything is faster than this.
Better do it Teradata Studio (if you prefer a GUI, it will use the JDBC FastLoad protocol if the target table is empty) or switch to TPT (If it's a delimited file which matches the columns in the target table TPT's EasyLoader will be the easiest way).


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