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sdk2006 1 post Joined 02/06
23 Feb 2006
insert multichar delimited file with BTEQ

I am trying to load a file with delimiter which is multi character. I was successfully able to load a file with single character as the delimiter, but couldnt load using mutliple character delimiter.Also I need to specify the characterset as "UTF8". How do I do this?Text file example records:abcd~|12345efg~|345fghjk~|234The file contains 2 cols. First col is varchar(25) and next column is integer, separated by delimiter "~|"Here is the script:.IMPORT vartext '~|' FILE=test.dat;.repeat *USING col1 (VARCHAR(25)), col2 (integer)INSERT INTO db1.test_table( col1, col2)VALUES(:col1,:col2,);

venugopal2705 5 posts Joined 08/11
09 Jan 2012

It is not possible in BTEQ. Only Single character will be used as Delimiter....

P>S : It is old post but still gave answer for others reference :)

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