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raghug126 2 posts Joined 04/15
07 Apr 2015
increase teradata database size from 4GB to 10GB

HI all,
i installed teradata 13 expresse edition  on my PC with 4GB.
 now i want to increse it to 10GB
is it possible to do this ?,
please guide me.
Thanks In advance

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
07 Apr 2015

Teradata Express has a fixed size, you can't increase it.
TD13 is a very old release, is this still a Windows version?
You should download a decent release (40 GB) running as a virtual machine: VMware


raghug126 2 posts Joined 04/15
07 Apr 2015

yes dnoeth its windows version.
while installing  we have option for 4gb and 10gb,
but i select 4gb and i want to extend it to 10gb now

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