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Sudheer501 5 posts Joined 02/10
30 Mar 2016
Inaccurate Space accounting


Recently we hit an issue where loads started to fail complaining that there is no more room in the database ( error code - 2644) 
When queried dbc.diskspace it did show that the database is 100% full. It was unusual because this is a staging database and has atleast 30% free sapce in it. 
Next check was to see if there were any tables that are occupying lot of space from dbc.tablesize. This check revealed a table with size 2.7 TB. It had 42 Million records loaded from a different table with exact same number of records and it is 120 GB in size. 
Could not understand why a dbc.tablesize was showing that the table is 2.7TB in size. 
Following steps are take to address this - 
Delete from tablename ; 
dbc.tablesize still indicated that the tablesize is 2.7 TB. 
Drop empty table and recreate - 
dbc.tablesize is correctly showing the tablesize as few KB's. 
Did anyone observe similar issue? Database version TD 14 


Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
31 Mar 2016

Perhaps someone neglected to end online archive logging, e.g. after a backup job failure.
Check dbc.ArchiveLoggingObjsV

Sudheer501 5 posts Joined 02/10
03 Apr 2016

Thanks Fred! That was the issue. 4 posts Joined 02/16
20 Apr 2016

Hi Sudheer, how did you fix this issue? We have simialar issue but no record in dbc.archiveloggingobjsv. 4 posts Joined 02/16
21 Apr 2016

Hi Fred, if it's using DSA for online backup, how to check?

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