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08 Oct 2014
Import data from excel in a stored procedure / macro

I need to import data from an excel file that is updated randomly sevral times a month. I just need to import the file once everymonth and have to do it as a part of query which is to be used as a stored procedure or macro. 
The users of this will not be able to save the excel file as csv and then import from the "File --> Import date....". The users will use an ssrs report that will excecute this macro to pull in the updated data.
Can anyone please guide me if it can be done if yes then how ?

stahengik 15 posts Joined 10/14
09 Oct 2014

No answers :(

Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
09 Oct 2014

If I understand it correctly, you want to read an excel file in a stored proc or macro. and do something.... and deliver to ssrs......
I am also thinking from a standpoint of Teradata -excel OLAP Architecture connector via ODBO interface. When you can get a thing from your own house, why to go to a distant place to get the same thing. SLAs,SLGs.. are important.
Have a look at this. It maybe of interest to you.
Reading a file in a database(say like other DBs too)  takes a lot of doing, profiling....... spooling
You can let me know your thoughts :)

Raja K Thaw
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stahengik 15 posts Joined 10/14
10 Oct 2014

Thanks Raj!
Yes, you understood it correct. This is what I need exactly. " read an excel file in a stored proc or macro. and do something.... and deliver to ssrs......"
The artical you have suggested gives a hint about connecting excel with db to get data on excel and use that for furter formatting and processing (my understanding - I may have missed out completely on some of the things), but I am not sure if it works vice versa.
The end users dont want an excel file now, they need a url (which ssrs report builder provides) to distribute among all users so that they can have the updated reports whenever they want by just clicking the link instead of sending excel files to every one everytime. 

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