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27 Sep 2007
Impact of Renaming a Table !!!

Hi,Assume i had Table A with indexes and stats collected on it.Now i create Table B with complete data from Table A (except that i introduce compression in few columns) then rename Table A to Table C and Table B to Table A.What will be the impact on the Indexes and Stats that i already held on Table A?Will indexes be affected due to this? Will the stats be still relevant for the current Table A?Regards,Annal T

rajan-3797 14 posts Joined 01/07
27 Sep 2007

Hi,to get the answer u could have tested ur self.Here is the answer:Whenever u create a table from other table the indexes will be copied not the statistics. so u have to collect statistics separately for the newly created table.rename will just change the entry in DD for that table. it doesnot have any effect on indexes/stats...regdsraj

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