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nycle 5 posts Joined 03/10
30 Mar 2010
I'm a learner of teradata. And could you advise me How to study teradata?

hello,every one, I'm nycle. I like database very much. But I am a learner of teradata. And I find that there are a few resources on the internet. And could you advise me How to study teradata? Could you send me some resources of teradata? Thank you very much. Oh, my email is:

Random_Thought 87 posts Joined 06/09
30 Mar 2010

If you have experience of other databases, go on the 1 day initial introduction to teradata course, it will give you an understanding of the differences.
If you have no experience of databases, go on the above course.

I would then load the windows trial version onto your pc and read the manuals.

However without knowing your level of IT skills, its difficult to advise.

You won't find much about Teradata on the internet, unless it comes from Teradata themselves. They do not have a massive installed userbase compared to other database vendors, as they are very much the leader in Very Large Datawarehouses. You also wont find much about their competitiors in the sphere either. 3rd party books tend not to be written, as there is not the market for them. If you take Oracle or DB2 then they are much more general purpose databases and have a massive installed userbase covering a wide variety of database types thus there is more information. This website can be a good source of information, and the Teradata manuals are very good. You may find there is a steep learning curve, but in general I find the information in the manual.

Hoep this helps.

nycle 5 posts Joined 03/10
30 Mar 2010

Thanks for Random's reply.I have some experiences on Oracle.

But where could I download the windows trial version?And the windows trial version including the manuals?

I didn't find the website link of downloading the windows trial version on the teradata officail website.And could you send the download website link to me by email?

Thanks a lot.

Subhash.Gander 22 posts Joined 07/09
30 Mar 2010

Best way is to install TD express (for 32 bit OS) on your PC or Vmware for 64 bit OS.
And then next next....
And once u done with install it has some schema in there.
So you can start from there.

nycle 5 posts Joined 03/10
30 Mar 2010

Ok, thanks a lot.I'll download the TD express and install it first.

Random_Thought 87 posts Joined 06/09
31 Mar 2010

@nycle, I think you are sorted now. I downloaded the trial when I first started in Teradata, and with the one day course I was soon getting up to speed. Once you understand the differences between what you are used to and Teradata you will find your previous experience will guide you along. Good luck.

Adeel Chaudhry 773 posts Joined 04/08
01 Apr 2010


One approach can be as follows:

- Install TD express
- It will copy TD documentation as well .... start reading it and trying out things
- Put time in understanding TD's architecture
- Learn TD tools and scripting of TD utilities
- Implement some sort of a warehouse .... AdventureWorks provided with SQL Server can be an option!

Best of luck!




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