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anjunair 13 posts Joined 04/12
13 Jul 2012
IF condition in bteq

Is the IF THEN ..END IF; syntax correct in Teradata? 


ulrich 816 posts Joined 09/09
13 Jul 2012

To unclear question!

In BTEQ it is 


but only very view condtions are allowed.


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Qaisar Kiani 337 posts Joined 11/05
15 Jul 2012

Yes, you can use the IF THEN statements for checking conditions.

e.g. below statement cheks whether the last SQL statement executed with/without error.



mandre 6 posts Joined 07/10
23 Aug 2012

where can I find the complete list and examples of what is allowed and can be done within bteq.  Researching manuals now.  thanks, Mark

Qaisar Kiani 337 posts Joined 11/05
23 Aug 2012

Probably you can look into this manual...

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