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m.tahoon 43 posts Joined 09/11
28 Sep 2011
identify total rows changes to identify tables with Stale statistics

My goal is to build a script for gathering table statistics:

My main directive is to include tables with amount of changes (inserts. updates, deletes) more than specific percent (EX: 10%) from total table rows instead of using "not gathered for the last n days" approach.

Do there a dictionary view which displays amount of changes in the table (inserts, updates, deletes) which output compared to total rows of the table to decide which table stats is stale.


Geemo 4 posts Joined 09/11
28 Sep 2011

keep updated

AbeK 24 posts Joined 08/09
28 Sep 2011

Detecting chqnge demographic is equally expensive as collecting stats, relying on row count fluctuations is a known good practice. You can obtain this information from the DBC table. Depending on the version of the database you can get the appropriate SQL from this forum if you search for postings on the stats topic by Mr.D.Noeth.

Geemo 4 posts Joined 09/11
30 Sep 2011

what will be best syntax to create  error count table and use it to count your tables Mload.


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