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02 Jul 2014
I Have totals by date, - want to get total "to date" for each date

Hello - 
I'm hoping someone can give a little guidance  on how to create a table that includes a "sum to date" - I believe there must be a simple way to do this but I have been unable to find a thread with this topic.
I am starting with a table(totals_by_date) with two columns - _date,total.
( like this):


_date         total
2014-07-01        3
2014-06-30       10
2014-06-27        5
2014-06-26       11
2014-06-25        5


And I am looking to create a table (totals_w_to_date) from the data in this table with 3 columns:  _date,total,sum_to_date


(like this):


_date         total    sum_to_date
2014-07-01        3             34
2014-06-30       10             31
2014-06-27        5             21
2014-06-26       11             16
2014-06-25        5              5


This is my first thread on the forums, and I am very green with my sql joins at this point - if anyone can help or point me in the direction to a thread on a similar topic, any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Please let me know if you need more detail. Thanks.


dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
02 Jul 2014

No need for a join, this is a basic task for a "Windowed Aggregate Function", a cumulative sum:

    _date, total,
    over (order by _date
          rows unbounded preceding) as sum_to_date
from tab
order by _date desc




voleary 14 posts Joined 02/14
02 Jul 2014

update- still can't get it quite right, but was able to get close after doing some digging/reading on OVER clauses for SUM to get running totals.
Also wanted to give more detail as to what I'm working with and where I'm at -
I have a table which includes all dates (sandbox.vo_dates) in one column
and another table which includes all orders(sandbox.vo_orders) with multiple columns, including order_date, and ship_date
all orders that have a ship_date also have an order_date.
here's my current statement:


ship_date _date
,count(ship_date)  activations
,sum( count(ship_date)) over (order by ship_date) sum_activations_td

from sandbox.vo_dates a

left join (
from sandbox.vo_orders
where order_date is not null
and ship_date is not null
group by 1,2) b on b.ship_date=a._date

where _date< current_date
group by 1
order by 1 desc;



This gives me the following result:


_date              shipments     sum_shipments_td
2014-07-01            3             34
2014-06-30           10            34
2014-06-27             5            34
2014-06-26            10           34
2014-06-25             4            34



which is close - but not the end result that I'm looking for, as I'd like the sum_shipments_td column to display the running total as of the date in the _date column. 

voleary 14 posts Joined 02/14
02 Jul 2014

Wow thanks for the speedy response, Dieter! Was too busy working on updating to realize you had already provided an excellent solution.
Appreciate the help.

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