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Ayyagaru 1 post Joined 01/08
29 Jan 2008
How we can find the No of AMP'S for the teradata Database

Hi All,I am new to teradata and i have a couple of questions regarding the AMP's.1.How can we findout the number of AMP'S for the Teradata database through DBC views or by any other way.2.When creating a database how can we decide on the number of AMP's required, what are the things we need to consider for this?Please answer the above questions as I am little bit confused regarding these.Thanks for the help in advance

monisiqbal 119 posts Joined 07/09
29 Jan 2008 Vproc from Acctg where VprocType='AMP' group by Vproc;Lists all the AMPs.2.Use PUT (Parallel Upgrade Tool)

joedsilva 505 posts Joined 07/05
29 Jan 2008

You can do a SELECT HASHAMP()+1 to get the total number of Amps in the system.The number of Amps in the system are governed by various factors like your system capacity, number of nodes etc.... in general most of the configurations have 8 AMPs per node

fedexp 1 post Joined 04/13
18 Apr 2013

object acctg doesn't exist... how to find the number of awts

abhishek.jadhav 28 posts Joined 02/08
19 Apr 2013

MaxAMPWorkerTasks can be found from DBS Control utility. Its Internal Field 4
4.  MaxAMPWorkerTasks  

Abhishek Jadhav

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