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umakathir 32 posts Joined 09/06
10 Nov 2006
How to use/enable Parsing Engine?

Hi,I want to optimize my query and would like to use optimizer. Please if anyone knows about how to enable Parsing engine/query optimizer, please help me.I know about the usage of Parsing engine (PE) but i do not know how to enable this feature.Thanks,Uma Kathir

SarathyG 31 posts Joined 09/06
11 Nov 2006

PE is a built in virtual processor and we dont need to enable them, to execute/optimize the SQLs. cos, without PE, any SQL query cant get executed.In order to optimize your SQL query, you could always, get the PE's plan of execution ( EXPLAIN ).Then, we manually analyse the steps, like how the joins are performed,whether there is any accidental product joins, index cols are properly been gettin utilized, or something like that.Alternatively, you could use the visual expalain, to get the flow chart kinda thing of the PE's plan.

- Sarathy G

GogulM 32 posts Joined 08/06
13 Nov 2006

Hi Uma, There are many method you can optimize ur query...If the collect stats was not there you can collect stats based on ur index columns ...U can change ur PDM according to your Sarathy told u can view the expalin plan of ur that u can view the spool space usage....the greater the usage of spool space....ur query performance will be down......the best way to optimize the query is choosing ur primary indexes and ppi...based on ur business that will improve ur query performance....There is nothing u can do with parsing engine...since it has cost based optimizer will generate more plans in executing ur query ....but it will choose the least cost for executing the query....hence we have to give the better input for the optimizer by collecting the stats and also by correctly choosing the PIs,USI's and PPI's


umakathir 32 posts Joined 09/06
13 Nov 2006

Thanks, Sarathi & Gokul.

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