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Somy 1 post Joined 07/09
17 Aug 2009
how to read data from excel file onto Teradata

All,Could one of you please help me with this ASAP? I want to read the data in Excel file onto Teradata table. how do i do it?

Jimm 298 posts Joined 09/07
17 Aug 2009

I presume it is a single worksheet!Save the sheet as a text tab delimited file. If there is more than one sheet, you must save each sheet to a separate file and load them individually.In SQL Assistant, make sure that the Tab delimiter is set as the column delimiter on an export/ import (Tools/ Options/ Export-Import).You can then write a query of:Insert Into tablename Values (?, ?, ....);You need one ? for every column you want to load. The first column on the spreadsheet goes into the first column on the table, etc Use File/ Import Data to tell Queryman you are importing. Run the query. It runs for every record in your import file. Operationally, it is not the fastest procedure to run, but setup time is negligible!If you are importing more than a couple of thousand rows, use the same procedure to save the Excel file as tab delimited, then write a Fastload with the SET RECORD VARTEXT with the separator set to tab.

sk73 52 posts Joined 07/09
07 Sep 2009

Thanks jimm. this info helped me too.

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