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Ashok Naidu 5 posts Joined 10/08
14 Aug 2009
How to read a variable in bteq

Hi All,In Windows I have .bat file which generates some variables,how can i assign this variables in bteqIn unix i knew that we can assign using $ inside bteq scripts

KNagz 5 posts Joined 04/09
19 Aug 2009

Can you please try refering the variables as %VARIABLE_NAME% in windows

Ashok Naidu 5 posts Joined 10/08
19 Aug 2009

Hi,With in .bat file we can read the variable as u mentioned %variable%,I want to read the same variable with in bteq.I am calling the bteq in batch file..Naidu

Bhanu 5 posts Joined 04/09
20 Aug 2009

will this do?.SET varName TO %Val1%;In bteq use &varname to refer val1.Where tbl1.col1=&varname;

Ashok Naidu 5 posts Joined 10/08
27 Aug 2009

Hi Bhanu,I have tried with & also it didnt work..

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