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Jithin James 4 posts Joined 03/14
31 May 2016
How to Import these data into teradata DB using SQL assistant

Hi All,
I have data like these . 

Mar 22, 2016 12:06:35 PM

and Data of Datatype Money as 50,000
n my XLXS export Dump .
I need to get these into Teradata table using SQL Assistant.
For now I have Loaded them into a ALL VARCHAR table.
But I need to Get them into tables with Proper DataType table like Timestamp(6) and for Money Datatype(I'm using Decimal(19,10)).
So how do I cast a timestamp column like that ?
any other solution/method you guys can provide ?
Any tips or Sugesstion would be of great help.

AtardecerR0j0 71 posts Joined 09/12
01 Jun 2016
select cast('Mar 22, 2016 12:06:35 PM' as TIMESTAMP format 'm3bdd,by4bHH:MI:SSbT')


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