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sharib hussain 12 posts Joined 01/13
25 Mar 2015
How to identify the AMPs belong to the same cluster in Teradata

Tables with fallback protection ensures that copy of each row is available on fallback AMPs in the same CLUSTER. I have few questions on this.
1) How do i identify that what all AMPs are the part of same cluster. 
2) Is there any console utility in teradata to check the AMPs which are grouped together?
3) I have 156 AMPs in my system, if i want to check the "No. of Clusters" and "No of AMPs in each cluster" in my system then how to check that. 
Any help would be definitely appreciated.

Thanks & Regards, Sharib Hussain
Glass 225 posts Joined 04/10
26 Mar 2015

Console utility Qryconfig will provide this.

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