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aneelkumar04 22 posts Joined 07/11
26 Jul 2016
how to handle Null values in FASTload
 colum (CHAR(19), nullif='                   '),
 colum2 (CHAR(35), nullif='                                   '),
 colum3 (CHAR(2), nullif='  '),
 colum4 (CHAR(4), nullif='    '),
 colum5 (CHAR(19), nullif='                   '),
 colum6 (CHAR(4), nullif='    '),
colum7 (CHAR(120),nullifzero='                                                                                                                        ') 

Am loading unformatted(fixed width) data to teradata table using fastload table. But i got error like
Nullif value too long for column7. can some one help on this issue.
Thanks in advance.

aneelkumar04 22 posts Joined 07/11
26 Jul 2016

for column7 also Nullif only.

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
26 Jul 2016

FastLoad NULLIF supports a maximum of 80 characters.

M.Saeed Khurram 544 posts Joined 09/12
26 Jul 2016

Can you try using a single space empty string  in all these nullif literals? 


aneelkumar04 22 posts Joined 07/11
28 Jul 2016

Thank you Fred and saeed

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