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klee 2 posts Joined 08/12
31 Aug 2012
how to get the sqltext from queries that ran during an time interval without enabling logging?

Hello. I want to get the sql text of the queries that ran at the database during a interval time without enabling the logging mechanisms (access or query).

Is there any system table/view that keeps automatically that information?


ulrich 816 posts Joined 09/09
31 Aug 2012

funny question - you don't want to enable a loggiing but you want the logging info.

no - that the purpose of DBQL which you need to enable.

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klee 2 posts Joined 08/12
03 Sep 2012

Hello, I was thinking that the info about current queries should be in some place in the Teradata database as part of the normal operation of the database where it could be possible to "see" them without having to enable logging mechanisms.

In Oracle, the analogy would be the v$active_session_history view that keeps a history for recent active sessions’ activity. It works inherently with the operation of the database.

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