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RRVARMA 3 posts Joined 03/08
20 Apr 2008
How to get pagination in Teradata..??

How to get pagination in Teradata..?? Its possible in Oracle but is there anyway to get the required amount of exact records in Teradata...?? Actually i need to get first 50 records during my first call to the database and then the next 50 records during my second call.. how is tat possible in Teradata..?? Please help..

rajan-3797 14 posts Joined 01/07
09 May 2008

use rank function and use qualify to choose the results.example:my_customer is a table with cust_no as UPIfirst hundred records can be got by this query:select cust_no, name, rank(cust_no) as row_id from my_customer qualify row_id between 1 and 100;change the row_id as per your requirement.

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