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Vinodb 3 posts Joined 09/13
11 Sep 2013
How to get data from Excel to Teradata table without using teradata olap connector

Hi ,
My requirement is : I have to insert data from excel sheet to teradata tabels without using olap connector and import/export option thats available in TD.
Is this possible, if so could you please help on this?

M.Saeed Khurram 544 posts Joined 09/12
11 Sep 2013

If you are thinking about a way we used to do in Oracle to directly copy and paste the excel data into table using PL_SQL developer,
I doubt the SQL Assistant do not provide any such facilty yet. the simplext option available is to use SQL Assistant import/export option. 


Vinodb 3 posts Joined 09/13
11 Sep 2013

Wanted to reduce the time and manual work... So wanted to know if theres a way to do this, Thanks.

goldminer 118 posts Joined 05/09
13 Sep 2013

Try the following:
1. Save your spreadsheet as tab delimited
2. Open up SQLA
3. Navigate to File and select 'Import Data'
4. Compose something similare to:
     insert into databasename.tablename values (?,?,?,?,?); <== however many columns are in the table and spreadsheet
5. Execute the query
6. Navigate to the location where the tab delimited file is stored.
7. Select the file and the table will be loaded from the file.

Vinodb 3 posts Joined 09/13
14 Sep 2013

Thanks for the info...
Any idea from where we can download teradata OLAP connector?

stahengik 15 posts Joined 10/14
07 Oct 2014

Can we import data from excel using a query in SQL assistant?
I need to create a stored procedure or macro that can import data from an excel file that is updated every month. Can not do it from GUI everytime, Need to have it as a query saved as a stored procedure or macro. 

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