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vchinnappan 1 post Joined 07/08
07 Jul 2008
How to find out who has loaded the table recently ?

Hi there .. Just I want to know who has loaded the table recently. Which system table gives this details ? ThanksVel.

syed_td 9 posts Joined 07/08
11 Jul 2008

Check this.SELECT TOP 1 username,extrafield5, defaultdatabase FROM dbc.DBQLogTbl WHERE querytext LIKE '%INSERT into USER ORDER BY queryid DESC

ywjcjj 36 posts Joined 06/08
15 Jul 2008

Or take a look at the dbc.tablesx. check to see what time and which accout created that table. But this way you can only know the table strcture changes of a specific table. For insert statement, you have to look at the DBQL tables if you have account logged turn on.

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