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Nileshhmali 6 posts Joined 08/13
01 Aug 2016
How to Enable UTC using TimeDateWZControl cmd

I am not able to enable UTC for using below command 
"TimeDateWZControl is set to 2 (enable UTC)

Nileshhmali 6 posts Joined 08/13
01 Aug 2016

You can do it 2 ways.
At system level
 You might need to change the setting for the DBS Control flag TimeDateWZControl.
At Session Level
SET TIME ZONE 'GMT+5:30'   ( This is India Time zone where they don't use Daylight savings and the time '2009-03-08 02:01:05' is a valid time there)
run the update SQL, you should see the data as you expected.
If you want to check the allowed time zone strings please refer to below link.

I am not able to  system level Setting  (set TimeDateWZControl)

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
01 Aug 2016

Not sure what you mean by "enable" UTC. You can certainly play with TimeDateWZControl setting on a TD Express VM; but please contact Teradata support for assistance before changing this value on a live system.

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