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04 Aug 2010
How to enable TDWM on Teradata Express 13 (Windows 32 bit)

I have installed Teradata Express 13 Demo for Windows on my laptop and trying to test some filter and throttle rules in TDWM.
I ran the Database setup using Teradata Manager and can see tdwm database created. As the demo instruction says, Teradata Database 13 Demo is a fully featured version without no restrictions but when i tried to create some new Rule Sets, its throwing me an error. Do I have to activate/adjust something to work with Filters and Throttles in TDWM?


singleamp 8 posts Joined 11/05
06 Aug 2010

Looks like not many people familiar with this topic....huh!
Can anyone shed some light on this?


monisiqbal 119 posts Joined 07/09
09 Aug 2010

When you ran the Database setup using the TD Manager, did you receive any errors? If yes, then its likely that your TDWM isn't setup properly. See the error logs for TD manager or rerun it. Most common error over there is not setting up a C++ compiler which fails the setup scripts to create some necessary tables for TDWM.

If this is not the case, can you write some details about the error you encounter while creating the ruelsets, and which tool are you using to create them?

singleamp 8 posts Joined 11/05
09 Oct 2010

Please accept my apologies for not replying on time (out of town for a while).

As per your comments, I looked at the Teradata Manager dbsetup log and noticed an error (*** C/C++ compiler is not installed. Code= 5862 Info=0 Function= 5). As per other threads about C++ compiler, I tried all the ways to fix the issue but still same issue.

The error I encountered is:
Opened TDWM
Rules ==> Rules Sets ==> Inquire

Then i see Filter, Throttle, Workload, Event / State options are disabled with red background.

Also, I tried to create a filter and i got an error

Save WDSet failed, Stored Procedure 'tdwm.TDWMUpsertConfiguration' does not exist.

So it looks like some objects are missing, but rerunning TMGR dbsetup not fixing the issue.

ramubindu 10 posts Joined 06/08
20 May 2011

I received below error When I ran the Database setup using the TD Manager

could you please help me out.

*** Query failed
*** Object 'DBC.QryLogTdwm' does not exist. Code= 3807 Info=0 Function= 5

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