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d-toropov 2 posts Joined 07/12
12 Jul 2012
How to create DEV, SIT, UAT

Hi everybody. I faced many errors during creating new envs using armain utility. I think arcmain is not useful tool for creating envs so I would like to know how you create DEV, SIT, UAT in your projects. Which tools do you use to create SIT, UAT envs?

Qaisar Kiani 337 posts Joined 11/05
15 Jul 2012

I guess ARCMAIN is the most commonly used utility for migrating/copying the data to different environments. As with every other software/utility there are limitations and so does the ARCMAIN, but what kind of issues you are facing?


d-toropov 2 posts Joined 07/12
18 Jul 2012

 We wanted to use Teradata Express for testing purpose, but our DB consists more than 30000 objects and we always get error 'RDBMS Crashed or Session Reset' during running copy statement.

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