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Oasis 1 post Joined 12/08
09 Dec 2008
How to confirm Teradata Version

I am looking for some help to confirm the version of Teradata installed on a specific Teradata Server. Essentially is Teradata V2R.06 the same as V2R6.2? It would be helpful to know how to confirm the version information for a Teradata Server.

rgs 106 posts Joined 02/07
09 Dec 2008

select * from dbc.dbcinfo;There is no such version as V2R.06 (typo?)

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
11 Dec 2008

DBCInfo reports both the PDE "VERSION" and DBMS "RELEASE". Prior to TD12, the VERSION string has a "V2R." prefix while the RELEASE string does not. The general format of the release number is the same for both packages: major.minor.maintenance.e-fix This is documented in the Data Dictionary manual. Major/minor/maintenance numbers should match between PDE and DBMS, but the e-fix number often will not. (Think of the e-fix part as a "build sequence number", which is independent for each package; most DR fixes result in a change to one package or the other, not both.)

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