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10 Aug 2016
How to add a new spatial reference system to SYSSPATIAL.SPATIAL_REF_SYS

I want to add a new SRS record to the table SYSSPATIAL.SPATIAL_REF_SYS. However, the manual doesn't have more description on it. There are 4 columns in the table:

SRID: Spatial reference system identifier.

AUTH_NAME: Name of the standard or standards body that is being cited for this reference system.

AUTH_SRID: Identifier of the spatial reference as defined by the authority cited in AUTH_NAME.

SRTEXT: WKT representation of a geographic (latitude-longitude), a projected (X, Y), or a geocentric (X, Y, Z) coordinate system.


I am not clear with the value of the SRID. From the existing records in the table, I found that the value of SRID is more like an internal ID, nothing related to the AUTH_SRID. For example, in my teradata database, the SRID for the EPSG 4326 is 1619. I can't see 1619 in the official document of EPSG 4326. Am I right?


If I want to add a new SRS record EPSG 3857, can I simply pick a next available ID for SRID, but put AUTH_SRID as 3857? If it is not right, which value should be for the SRID of the new entry.



franceszhu 9 posts Joined 08/16
11 Aug 2016

I figured it out myself. The SRID here is the internal Teradata SRID number. So for adding a new spatial reference system, it will be the next available sequencial number.

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